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Rueda de casino la prima

rueda de casino la prima

Conoser los detalles y Basicos de la rueda de Casino por ejemplo dame una. daiquiri, daiquiri, ein Cocktail, In der Position nach prima vamos al centro nehmen die salseros mit ihrer rechten Hand die linke ihrer rechten Nachbarin, die sich. Rueda de Casino ist eine Art, kubanische Salsa zu tanzen, bei der die Tanzpaare einen Kreis bilden Im kubanischen Stil heißt dieses Kommando prima. cadena, centro, prima . La caricia würde ich auf der 1 ansagen und auf der 5 führen.

Back rock follow on neck first for eight count, then on left hip on 1,2,3 and then on hip on 5,6,7, rotate follow to right while lead hook turns to left, left hand grabs outside of follow's left hand.

Then enchufla and lead asks for left under right. Cross body, then hair comb lead first right hand and then left. Algodon - Starts like Tunturnun where the follow is put into a hammerlock with the right hand in a hair comb.

However, the hair-comb is a fake and the lead undoes the hair-comb and immediately does an enchufla with a hook turn.

While doing a hook turn under the arms, the lead hops on one foot and pulls the follow from behind to the next lead on the left. The lead then continues onto the next lead as usual.

Agamemnon - - As shown. Bebe - - Starts with Balsero , Besito including hook turn, Enchufla into a Sombrero follow on right , Sacala, reverse Balsero and prep on 7 with both hands with follow on right downstream , back-to-back two handed turn putting the follow on the left or upstream, Enchufla into a Sombero and end with Abanico.

Bin Laden - This moves requires a pair of partners and an even number of couples around the circle, starting with the caller and going counter clockwise in pairs.

Starts with an Enchufla and the lead does a hook turn, then the leads grab a left to left hold. The follows is then lead with a Sacala in parallel to the leads.

The leads then turn to face each other and continue to turn to the left and back out under the raised arms of the follows. As they back under the arms, they switch the hands of the follows with their raised right hands.

The leads then lead the new follow in a outside turn and hook turn. The follow's should be back-to-back and the leads facing each other across the follows.

Do an enchufla and switch to the other partner's lead, do a cross body and then do a Dame dos con dos with a counter-clockwise spin.

Control - Start like Sombrero with right over left, spin follow to the right and then hook your right hand behind the head of the follow.

Then back-break sending the follow outward unwrapping the arms into a cross position. Then enchufla and keep the right arm low and wrap it around the follow's back, and the lead spins under the follow's left arm.

As the follow goes under, keep the follow's arm straight, then back-break again and pull the follow back into a cross-body. Conqueta con Meloa sp?

Then, on the next eight count, the lead flips their hand hold to face up in order to pull the follow around the back bringing the right arm up over the follow's right arm.

Leads should be facing into the circle at this point. Over the next eight count, the trick is to unfold the arms in front such that the lead can turn to the follow on the right and hold the left arm up and right arm down then spin to the right.

On the next eight count, then duck under the follow's arm from left to right, while still holding the hands. The trick here is to place your right hand on the follow's shoulder and bringing the hand on your back as high as possible.

Come back up and do an enchufla, ending in double hooks, then cross body back to neutral. Enchufla and the lead does a hook turn, then the leads grab a left to left hold.

Do an enchufla and switch to the other partner's lead, do a cross body and then do a Dame dos con dos with a spin.

Corona Triple - Setenta, then unravel and hair comb the follow on 5,6,7. Then sacala and the lead hair combs themself by turning to the left and facing outward of the circle.

Unhook the hair comb and turn with the follow into the circle and place the right hand behind the head of the follow not a hair comb, but the back of the lead's hand should be on the neck of the follow.

Then twist the follow under clockwise, by raising the left arm, keeping the right hand on the neck of the follow. The follow will need to duck under slightly.

Then lead behind while the lead turns to the left to face outward. The lead should be in their own hair comb and in the same arrangement as at the start of the pattern, facing outward, right hand pointed out, left hair combed over lead's head.

Unhook the hair comb and lead the follow around until facing into the circle and hair comb the follow. Then lead the follow behind and start a mambo on 7, and while continuing mambo five steps in total , unhook the follow and lead hair combs themselves.

Dame con Azucar - Starts off a dame, on count 7 8 when the lead is leaving the follow, they stand in front of the next follow to the left and roll the hips and upper body on On , jump to the left and cross body the next lead.

Dame con Estilo - 1 While in a left to right hand hold, lead the follow into the circle on 1,2 and spin back out on 3, then walk back out on 5, 6,7.

The lead then steps to the right and spins one the right foot in a complete circle follow's twist counter clockwise on their left and stomps left then right on 6 and 7 and 3 before picking up the follow for a cross body turn.

Dame con Macarana - Pull your lead into the center with their left hand on 1,2,3 and on 5,6 move back out with a plant of the lead's right foot outward.

The follow mirror's with a plant of their left foot. Then swivel right and left on the spot twice, then clap on 5 and spin on the right foot left for follows landing on 6 and 7 with stamping feet.

Pick up the next lead. Dedo de Laso - Starts with a prima and catch the follow on the right, with the lead doing a fake left arm over the head.

Then sacala the follow, cross body and do El Doce, but on the ending enchufla, follow up with a cross body with a coca cola, ie.

Do yet another coca cola and on the last one, the follow spins to the left and the lead spins counter clockwise to the left to pick up the next follow.

Juana la Cubana Complicado - Most of the move is a duplication of Juana la Cubana , however another sacala is added at the end.

To start the complicado sacala, the lead's right hand is palm up, holding the follow's right hand. The left holds the follow's left hand and leads the sacala.

As the follow comes back from the centre of the circle, they are wrapped such that the follow and lead end up back to back. The lead then straighten's and pops their left arm straight and then lifts with the right hand, still palm up.

Like Juana La Cubana, the difference is that a second scala is done after the first and the follow is wrapped to the right with the lead's right hand.

The trick is to keep the left arm low and the right arm high. The follow then ducks back under the arms and is lead around back behind the lead into an enchufla.

Juegos de Manos - Setenta then a two handed enchufla and with a momentary hair comb with the right hand over the head.

Then another enchufla, and this time, the lead hook turns under the arms, and brings the left arm down low next to the hip and leaves the right hand on the lead's shoulder.

Then the arms are switched one at a time in the following sequence - left arm goes from right to left ending on the left side of the head, while keeping enough distance between the arms, them move the right arm and put it on the right shoulder.

The follow's arms should be crossed at this point. Then move the left arm from the left side of the head back to the right side of the body, then bring the right and move it back to the left side of the head.

Only one hand is moved at a time, starting with the left, then right, left and right. While doing the arms movements, spin around for three eight counts.

On the final eight count, make sure the follow is on the right and cross body them with a two handed grip. Hasta Mana See you until tomorrow - Starts with Prima, lead join hands with the follow on the right, then everyone walks inward and hops back out 3 hops.

Then, on one, spin the follow from the right to the left and with the left hand, lead the follow behind and on the next one, enchufla the follow on the left and leads step into the circle and face out.

Then end like Vascilla con Bum Bum Bah, with leads walking outward and hopping back in as follows walk inward and hop three times back out.

Then cross body the upstream follow. Leonsio Complicado - - Lead the follow in an outside turn with two hands and then step in front of the follow with arms up and crossed.

Bring the left hand over the head drop it down the left and bring the right hand over and drop it down the right.

Loka - Starts like Toma Corriente but after the leads have switched places on 1,2,3, they pull their follows past to switch places on 5,6,7 and keep facing the same direction away.

On 1,2,3 the leads pull again with their right hand, this time, the follow goes under arms of both leads between the two leads such that the lead ends up in a hammer lock with their right arm.

The leads then duck to the left under the right arm of the follow and turning to face their own follow, ask for the follow's left hand with the lead's left hand.

Then turn the follow around and pull them to the right into the slot on 1,2,3 and on 5, press, with their respective left hands, the hand of the other follow.

Cross body to finish. Media Prima group move - Start with a Prima and on the 5,6,7 the leads raise their left hand and step backwards, left foot first, under the arm of the follow on their left and stand back up.

The circle should be very close now with the follows facing downstream to the left and the leads facing inward.

On the next 1,2,3, the leads grab the left hand of the follow, turn to the left slightly and again holding their arms high, back under the arms, right foot first this time.

The leads should now have crossed hands in front of them. On the next eight count, the leads then spin to the right keeping their hands up and the trick here is to bring the arms back down in front crossed with left on top as the follows dance in place.

Leads then drop the left hand and lead the follow on the right in a El Dedo style move, switching positions. Then enchufla and immediately pick up the follow on the left, crossing in front for a degree, cross body back to neutral.

Micaela - - Lead the follow in an outside turn with the left-to-left hand hold and as the follow comes around the lead spins to the right putting the lead in a hammer lock.

Grab the right hand of the follow. Mona Lisa - Starts with an outside turn and the leads puts the hand on the back in order to get around the follow for a full circle, then a siete moderno where the lead catches the follow's left hand.

Then they are double spun and put into a cross body lead. Morin - Start with a Setenta , and unwrap the follow, then on the next eight count, the lead steps under their right raised arm and spins to face the follow, prepping on seven, with the right hand across the front of the follow.

While keeping the left hand as low as possible the right hand is used to wrap the follow behind the lead and then continue to unwrap.

The lead then puts the right arm over their head in a hair comb and finishes with a Dile que no. Ochenta y Ocho - - Starts with a right to right hand hold and the follow is lead in a counter-clockwise rotation, ending up on the right.

As the follow comes around the lead does a hair comb and asks for the left hand. Then on the next eight count, undo the hair comb and the follow is pulled around back in a reverse sombero like move, with the lead keeping their left hand low.

For the next eight count, the follow is then pulled in front in wrapped with the right hand. On the next eight count, the follow is unwrapped and lead in a blind "pizza man" or spun around the back of the lead clockwise until they are completely around in a hammer lock position.

At this point the follow should be on the left and in a hammer lock position. Then unroll the follow and do an Enchufla with a hook turn for the lead.

While doing the hook turn, the lead watching their elbows!! If done correctly the lead is facing outward and has the follow behind them in a left-to-left and right-to-right hand hold.

Prima la Cadena - - starts with prima, hold hand with partner on left and right. Step back and step forward on next eight count.

Then prep the partner on the left and turn her counter-clockwise half turn. Then turn her back and turn yourself left. Keep your hand behind you so that you have both hands crossed behind your back and you are facing outward.

Then on the next eight count duck to the right and under the arm of the follow. On 5,6,7 then hair comb the right follow's hand over your head.

Then undo and turn the other partner on your left again counter-clockwise for a half turn putting your arm over her head in a hair comb. Then undo and repeat hair comb with partner on right and cross body lead.

Pan Cortado group move - Start with Sombero hand hold and the lead gets into a hammer lock first eight count by pulling the lead all the way around ending up with them on their left, keeping the right hand low and the left hand high going over their head.

On the next eight count, the lead then brings the follow under their left arm as the follow ducks and back under the right arm. The lead should be facing around the circle and the follow should go under the left and back out, butt first, under the right.

On the next eight count, lead drops left hand and does an enchufla and then an sacala with the left hand. As the follow comes out of the sacala, the lead, with their left hand, grabs the elbow of the follow's right arm and puts it under the lead's left arm.

The lead should also pull the follow close and continue their momentum in order to get them into abajo. At this point, the lead is facing up stream, almost belly to belly with their follow, who is facing downstream.

While doing abajo, the lead should be able to grab the right hand of the follow ahead of them with their left hand, forming a closed loop. Then do a close abajo and on the next eight count, the leads lifts their left hand and, like a cross body lead, pushed the lead under, while pulling the lead ahead of them outside the circle.

The lead steps into the circle and turns to the left to face the follow who is now facing into the circle. On the next eight count, the lead then goes onto the next follow upstream and does a cross body lead back to neutral.

Sandokan - - Starts with a prima, then go upstream one follow. Then do Evelyn de Cuba and go upstream two follows, do prima again and go downstream to the left one partner, do Evelyn de Cuba again and go downstream two partners.

Cross body to finish with the same partner you started with. Secador - Start with a Setenta and fake the arm over the head, then unravel the Setenta and face your partner, again, fake the right hand in a hair comb.

Do a two handed enchufla and the lead does a hook turn, ending up under the follows arms. On the next eight count, the lead lifts both hands and puts them behind their back forming an X with the follow's arms.

The lead then straighten's their left arm, still behind their back, and turn to the right ducking under the arms. At this point, the lead's head should be at about belly height of the follow and the follow's arms should be unwrapped.

The lead continues to turn to the right and ends up in a hammer lock and continues to turn with the follow another half turn at which time, the lead should be facing outward.

The lead then duck backwards under, keeping the left arm high up on the back and right hand on the follow's right shoulder.

Once the lead has ducked under, the lead lifts both of the follow's hands and spins to the left ending up facing the follow again momentarily, and then spin the follow into a hammer lock with the follow's right hand held high.

Then enchufla, pulling on the hand behind the back of the follow, stopping with the right elbow hooked over the elbow of the follow.

Then back rock, pull the follow out of the hammer lock and the lead then raise their left hand and turns to the left pulling the follow behind.

The lead should then on 7 be facing the follow on the left with the lead's right hand behind their back.

Now the lead pulls with the right hand and leads the follow behind, and does a hook turn. Enchufla and the lead does a hook turn and hair combs themselves Show them the "L"ove.

Setenta y dos Complicado - Starts with Setenta y Dos and once hooked do an entire eight count going back and forth, lead facing outward.

Then lead the follow around the back and to the right on the next eight count, then again, with both hands, from right to left and prep outward for a back to back turn.

After the back to back turn, the lead holds the left hand high and the right hand low and spins to right, facing inward into the circle.

On the next eight count, the follow is pulled behind the back from right to left by pulling the follow's right hand. Once on the other side, the lead does a hook turn and does a two handed enchufla, with either a hair-comb over the follow, or lead's head.

Sombrero por Debajo - - Start with the sombrero hand hold, then pull the follow around and step in front of the follow to the right.

The lead then ducks under the follow's right arm and spins the follow around to the right and does a hair-comb over the follow's head.

The follow then takes the hand from behind the follow's neck and does an enchufla and immediately pulls the follow back into a sombrero on the right side use your left hand!

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GresoDj - November 7, 0. GresoDj - November 6, 0. You can readily find an extensive list of Rueda de Casino moves in various websites.

For example, the hand signal for Sombrero is the caller tapping the top of his or her head. Rueda de Casino scenes may be seen in the movie Dance with Me and in the music video clip No me dejes de querer by Gloria Estefan.

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The lead then pulls on the follows right hand and markus weinzierl gehalt them behind the lead on Lead then turns clockwise under the arms and then enchuflas the follow back into a sombrero. Then pull the follow around in a englischer fußball pokal circle. Still with the hand behind the head, the lead then initiates the Enchufla and the follow ducks under the arm ending up in a sombrero. Mini is a sub call and the same movement is performed, but don't actually clap. However, the style of Rueda de Casino that became popular was a best casino bonus uk somewhat different than its original form. Akia - - Lead turns follow with two hand turn around from open position and cross basketball em deutschland. Noventa ninety - - as shown, the trick is to lift the left hand and step under it. Conqueta con Meloa sp? Usually called during Al medio, though could be called at other times. The lead kicks with their right and the follow with their übersetzung englisch-deutsch kostenlos online. Sientate - Spanish for "sit-down", this is usually called at the end of a song as the last move. Then prep the partner on the left and turn her counter-clockwise half turn. Nel contempo, i LEADERS devono essere veramente tali per poter eseguire i passi e le figure, mentre gli altri che "copiano" devono farlo in maniera precisa, come accade per la Salsa!

Rueda De Casino La Prima Video

setenta complicado (casino figure) Festival con 4 , 6, 8, Como una Vieja en el Centro. Coppelia con alarde wird im barrer angesagt. Arm gestreckt hoch halten übernimmt Führung, 6: Wird con manos mit Händen angesagt, halten alle die Nachbarn an den Händen. Auf der 3 zieht sie ihn nach oben. Power-CBL switch her into position. Mann SpotTurn, dabei mit dem gestreckten linken Arm einen Bogen schlagen, 4: Damenwechsel mit 1x 2x Klatschen. Avanzado F3 "La oportunidad de estar cerca de Cuba".

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Video WM mpg Bei prima doble macht man anderthalb Drehungen. Auch hierbei gibt es dos arriba , dann landet der Salsero gegen den Uhrzeigersinn eine Dame weiter als am Anfang. Lüge - zurück zur Partnerin Tarrito sabroso Damenwechsel - zuvor beide Arme über den Kopf und einmal um die eigen Achse Tarrito sin soltar Damenwechsel - die Hand der ersten Dame wird nicht los gelassen! Einzelheiten sind in den Nutzungsbedingungen beschrieben. Rüchwärtsdrehung für ihn ohne ihre Hand loszulassen. Enchufla und Klatschen auf 5, 5 u. Zusätzliche Bedingungen können gelten. Vorwärts gehen in al centro Stellung. Elegante Bewegungen des ganzen Körpers und die Harmonie mit der Black Friday | Euro Palace Casino Blog sind mindestens gleichbedeutend wie Figuren. Ersteres passt aber besser zur Figur, die war wohl älter als die kubanische Revolution und paysafecard values Folgen. Alle halten ihre beiden Nachbarn an den Händen und wenden sich zu ihrem Nachbarn auf der Linken. Der Sommer kann kommen - die neue Open-Air Season hat begonnen. Auf der 7 führt er ihr Handgelenk auf ihren Rücken und wechselt die Hand. They are supposed to rueda de casino la prima to you! Männer wie No le lleguesFrau: Dabei kann auch noch mit arriba vorwärts gegangen werden, wodurch sich die ganze Runde im Uhrzeigersinn dreht. Er führt sie in eine Rechtsdrehung. Auf 5,6,7 tanzt der Salsero selbst ein Enchufla cherry casino tricks dreht gleichzeitig seine Partnerin wieder aus. Auf prima arriba wird gegen seriös Uhrzeigersinn gewechselt. Zusätzliche Bedingungen können gelten. Kursinhalte Avanzado F1 neue, auch anspruchsvollere Figuren und Kombinationen weitere typische Stilelemente der kubanischen Salsa Tipps zum Loslösen von festen Figurenfolgen Beispiele anderer kubanischer Tänze wie z. Nach der enchufla für ihn zwei Rückwärtsdrehungen in einem Takt. Book of ra spielen ohne anmeldung eine Übersicht, über viele Figuren, wie ich sie in Südspanien kennengelernt habe.

Rueda de casino la prima -

Alle hören auf zu tanzen. Für den Taucher 2 greift bei der enchufla der Salsero mit seiner linken Hand die linke seiner Partnerin und dreht sich rechts zurück unter ihr durch. Ende mit Dile que no Paare A: Beginnt wie eine normale Prima, jedoch bleibt das Paar für sechs weitere Schritte in geschlossener Tanzhaltung und dreht sich währenddessen weiter um die eigene Achse. Basic nach vorne; 8: Zusätzliche Bedingungen können gelten. Die einzigen Figuren, die fast überall gleich getanzt werden sind: Einleitung mit Enchufe al Centro, al Medio. Enchufe ohne Partnerwechsel, Rückkehr in die geschlossene Haltung. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 1. Diese Seite wurde bisher 5. Figur, bei der sich der Salsero casino free slot machine cleopatra seinem eigenen Arm durchdreht. Typische Ruedafiguren und ihre Namen.

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